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Monday, March 23

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CFA BOOK AUCTIONS -- "pick" auctions of good quality, used and rare, collectable books, art and other items suitable for Internet book dealers, shop owners, museums and individual collectors from across New York and New England.

We suspect you'll find our beginning a tad unusual but, then again, this is a very different auction enterprise. CFA Book Auctions began operations after a conversation with our good friend, Leif Laudamus, a very respected book expert, a true gentleman and then owner of New England Book Auctions. We saw a place for a book auction service focused on good used books. Now, every auction house wants to offer the rare book worth thousands of dollars and understandably so. In contrast, we are interested in offering the resalable book whose value is between five and five hundred dollars. The clientele attending our auctions are Internet book dealers, open shop owners, and individual collectors from across New York and New England who seek good quality used and collectable books.

CFA Book Auctions is unusual in yet another respect. It is operated by one of the oldest children's non-profit agencies in the country. Yes, that's right, it is a business whose profits go to serve children and families in need.

Click for information on the assistance Child & Family Agency has provided to the communities of southeastern Connecticut for over 200 years with the help of innovative programs like CFA Book Auctions.

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